The Programs

The programs are divided into two parts.

The first part is the “Confusion” programs and the second part is the “Unraveled“ presentation.

The “Unraveled” presentation is not in the public interest, so will not enter the public domain.

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What would you think if I told you your legal system is binding, but as a matter of law is Unlawful?
What would you think if I told you it is a forgery, from its’ conception to deception?


In the introduction video, I told you that you do not own anything, not even yourself. You may not believe it, but I know it to be a fact. If not owning anything is not a problem for you, then there is no problem. If it is a problem for you, but you do not believe it, then you are confused.

Confusion is the cause of a delusion. Confusion is caused by mixing or blending things, so that they cannot be distinguished. Confusion throws the mind into a state of disorder where two things become or appear as one.

The prefix “con” can mean “with” or “against”. It might be a trick.
1. with (as in "conforming" or "connecting")
2. against (as in "contrasting" or "contrary")

Other words for confused are: perplexed, complicated, involved, entangled, bedeviled, woven and twisted. By the time you watch all of the “Confusion” videos you may learn how twisted you really are. Many people are confused today but are not confused or twisted enough. You need to be really confused and twisted before I begin to “Unravel” the confusion.

You need to really see the problem to grasp the solution. Through these programs, you will come to learn, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practiced to deceive”…… Sir Walter Scott


Confusion Programs

Video One - Confusion of Mind:

Your Mind: Marcus begins his presentations with great news about your alienated inheritance. He then makes some unbelievable statements that will shock you and foreshadows things to come in the Unraveled presentation with two analogies. He continues with a caution on learning and what you may experience when long held beliefs are challenged. He explains the problem in solving a problem using your mind, when the problem is in your mind.
Click here: to view "Your Mind"........... Click here: for Transcript.

Video Two - Confusion of Being:

Being: Marcus tells you his story. He tells you what woke him up and led to his unusual quest. Again he tells you some confusing and unexplainable things about your being. He explains what it means to own property and to not own property. He tells you what the two concepts are that required further investigation.
Click here: to view your "Being"............Click here: for Transcript.

Video Three - Confusion of Voice:

Words: Marcus talks about “Words”, the first concept that led to his discoveries. He shows you the power of words and how you can find hidden things through words. You will begin to see the power of words and how they are used to control you and make you believe the unbelievable. He explains how words will make you see things, but also how words can be used to deceive you.
Click here: to view the "Words"..........Click here: for Transcript.

Video Four - Confusion of Face:

Person: Marcus looks at one of the most common words used today by everyone, yet no one knows what it means. Neither philosophy or the law can explain it. Marcus gives you one half of the elusive concept. The other half is shown in the Unraveled presentation. Marcus insists that your fate hangs upon grasping this one concept.
Click here: to view in "Person"...........Click here: for Transcript.

Video Five - Confusion of Law:

Law: Marcus explains the basic concept of law and government as you are presumed to know it. If you are one of the many groups who are just fed up with everything or are demanding changes, he explains why your protests are futile. He explains why the law as you know it, does pertain to you, and breaking it will only make you the proximate cause of your own injury. He explains who the government really is, the source of all your problems. It is not wise to let your conscience be your guide when you are asleep. The program ends with a clear example to prove you own no property and more details on how the swindle works.
Click here: to view the "Law".........Click here: for Transcript.

Video Six - Confusion of Things:

Things: Marcus shows you three components of the swindle which require your ignorance, but also your co-operation. Attorney, Licence and Name. He breaks down the meaning of what an attorney really is, and how you lose everything by turning away from who you are. He shows you what a licence is and why we use them. And he shows you the misfortune that awaits you when you have a “confusion of being” and act in the wrong name. Exposing these forgeries will help you grasp and see the life you have been leading as they are exposed in the Unraveled Programs.
Click here: to view the "Things".........Click here: for Transcript.

Video Seven - Confusion of Money:

Money: Marcus shows you how the blatant lie of owning property leads to your “Confusion of Money”. He explains that the “love of money as the root of all evil” was dictated upon the premise of owning property. He shows you the two sides of money and why your flip of the money will always bring you up “tails”. And he explains how your continued efforts to make the corruptible lawful only increases your penalty and suffering needlessly. There is a better life than your civil life, and that is your real life.
Click here: to view the "Money".........Click here: for Transcript.

Video Eight - Confusion of God:

God: Marcus looks at the concept of God as found in constitutional and other legal documents. This is the second concept that led to his discoveries. He shows you the contradictions which the greatest legal minds cannot or will not explain. Marcus shows you God in government buildings, in churches, on money, in courts. God seems to be everywhere but in the law.
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Unraveled Presentations

Hi.....My name is Marcus,

We are all born undeniably and incontrovertibly into a government. We are taught and seduced to hate our government, become anti-government and join a self-governing society like Canada or the United States. We are all enticed and suborned into making this choice, but it has an unspeakable hidden cost and price. I have thoroughly re-examined this fraudulent offer, and have determined that the price is too high. You should re-examine it too.

I will take you methodically, step by step through the FRAUD, the what, where, and how you were deceived into voluntarily alienating your property. I show you how you continue to alienate your property on an ongoing basis through money.

You will learn and be able to see how everything is exactly backwards, opposite and upside down from reality, because you have been leading unawares, a fraudulently forged life. I will confirm for you the unapproved truth of every aspect of the life you have been leading, and you will be surprised. Using the two concepts that led to my discoveries, I will also confirm for you what millions of people claim to know but fail to see. Blind fools. Means "tricked by sight".

And of course, I give you the Why? Why you do not know. Why it is hard to see. Why it is done. Why you are letting it happen.

The Unraveled Presentation begin with the word “The”, the most important word in the LAW.
From there the Unraveling begins and ends with the solution !

Till then………My name is Marcus

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