Who I am

Who Should Watch These Programs

I was the Man behind the MASK !

For the purposes of these programs, who I am, is irrelevant. What difference does it make who I am? Are you going to believe the information I give you based on who I am or on the information, facts, evidence and proof?

We have all been trained to believe or not believe information based on the credibility of who gives it to us. We take by faith what we are taught without proof and make it our knowledge, but belief is only a poor and foolish substitute for knowledge. You can believe all kinds of things and still know nothing !

But if you really must know who I am ....my name is Marcus.

I am a simple man who does nothing in person. I found that, out of body experiences, did not suit me. I came into the world by labour of a natural birth, but I have been raised Caesarean. In the past, I held the power of an attorney and exercised a master’s privilege in public law. I was a registered member of a law society but on October 21, 2007, I personally died and was disbarred. I no longer plead at the bar for anything.

In my former life I was also a professional actor who performed according to billing. Today, I do not have a role to play in any of the Acts as my part has been eliminated. You may be familiar with some of the Acts I previously appeared in, like..... The Vital Statistics Act.... The Marriage Act..... The Highway Traffic Act..... Bills of Exchange Act... etc.

I no longer have the means necessary to appear in person or the time for such nonsense. I recently received an inheritance that keeps me preoccupied.

If who I am sounds confusing to you, then you are normal. This is the reason the two sets of programs are named “Confusion” and “Unraveled”.


Who should watch these presentations?

• Everyone who owns no property and that would be everyone.

• Everyone who lost their birthright and cannot find it.

• Everyone who knows what is legal and illegal as opposed to what is right and wrong.

• Everyone who wonders how 1% of the people legally obtained 99% of your debt.

• Common law freemen and that would be everyone.

• People who love their religion and that would be everyone.

• Teenagers, so they can explain it to their parents.

• Aboriginal people who think they have been cheated.

• People who are just fed up with everything.

• John Doe and Jane Roe. In Roe vs Wade and Doe vs Bolton.

• Those who wish to be a servant-king instead of a king’s-servant.

• And finally, those who have nothing better to do and are just plain nosy.

Who should NOT watch these presentations?

• Those who want something for nothing. Commonly called “thieves”.

• Those who know it all. Commonly called, “know it alls”.